Glasgow 1017

Paislely 17

Glasgow 1017 was built in 1904 for Paisley District Tramway as an open top double decker. In 1915 she was involved in a crash and was withdrawn from passenger service, She re-entered passenger service in 1917

On the 1st August 1923 Glasgow took over the Paisley routes and converted most of the trams to single deck for the Clydebank/Duntocher route but this tram never ran on that route. In 1925 she was converted to be the new “School Car” for the Motor School, As part of the conversion 1017 had a tower fitted to the roof to support the bow collector and bench seats removed and  “2+1 transverse” seats added, the floor in the centre seating area was raised to allow the drivers in the motor school to see the controllers. She was based at Langside Depot and could be seen running up and down Coplaw Street – all the tram drivers trained from 1925-1959 were trained and passed on Glasgow 1017

Later on in her life she was moved to the main works at Coplawhill and was also used to help move trams under repair, The motor school closed on the 13th October 1959, After this she was used to move trams from all over Glasgow to Newland depot to be stored until there was space at Coplawhill Works.

In August 1960 with newer trams not being used for passenger service she was then split with the truck and controllers going to Crich Tramway Museum. The body was then sold to an enthusiast in Cambuslang and was used as a meeting place by the STMS. In 1992 the tram came to Summerlee and took 10 years to restore to this current condition. This tram was restored by Summerlee Museum with the help of the volunteers of the Summerlee Transport Group.

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one of 1017 controllers when she was used as the training car
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one of 1017 controllers when she was used as the training car
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iInterior for 1017 as the training school car
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1017 on Albert Drive full of drivers of the motor school
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Paisley 17(Glasgow 1017) after crashing in to a shop
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1017 after restoration at Summerlee Museum
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1017 First day in Passenger service

Tramway Information

. . Paisley Tramways Company Paisley District Tramway Glasgow Corporation Transport
. Act Paisley Tramways Order 1885 Paisley Tramways Order 1885 Glasgow Street Tramways Act 1870
. Opened 30 December 1885 17 September 1903 1 July 1873
. Closed 17 September 1903 1 August 1924 4 September 1962
. Length 2.44 miles 18.75 miles 141.37 Miles
. Gauge 4ft 7¾in 4ft 7¾in 4ft 7¾in

Technical Information

. Built by Where built General type Controllers Motors Truck CultureNL Museums
Archive Number
. BEC Trafford Park Enclosed
EE DB1 GE 2 x 25hp Brill 21E COTSL-1991-293 .

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