Volunteering on the Summerlee tramway

The Summerlee Transport Group and Summerlee Museum are looking for volunteers to help operate and service the trams and tramway at Summerlee   

The type of volunteers we are looking for are

Tram Conductors
Tram and Tramway Maintenance
Tram and Tramway Cleaning
Tram Depot Tour Guide
Tram and Tramway Restoration
Tram Modeling

Why Volunteer on the Summerlee Tramway

Volunteering at Summerlee Museum on the Summerlee Tramway gives you the opportunity to learn new skills and add work experience and work history to add to your CV

Some more of the opportunities to volunteering on the Summerlee Tramway are

Learn and develop new and existing skills
Gain a reference
Meet new people
Build Confidence
Visitor/Customer services experience

What you can bring as a volunteer

As a volunteer at Summerlee gives you the opportunity to add you mark to the history of Summerlee Museum, this can be done by helping to crew the trams and the tram depot on event days and normal opening days, keep the operating tram fleet on the rails and helping to restore the trams and tramway at Summerlee to keep the trams running. You can also share your experiences and knowledge of Summerlee

What sort of volunteers are week looking for

• Someone who is enthusiastic with a can do approach.
• Someone practically minded and willing to develop skills.
• Someone who enjoys sharing their knowledge and skills
• Someone who is happy to work in costume and wear PPE
• Someone who is willing to work using power tools

About the Summerlee Transport Group

The Summerlee Transport Group (STG) was formed in 1988 in order to primarily support the operation of the trams and tramway at Summerlee Museum. The STG became a charity in Scotland in 1992 (SC020158)

What we do

The STG provides driver and conductor cover, you can learn to drive the trams at Summerlee on the Thursday night workgroup
We also help with the maintenance and servicing on all the trams at the museum as well as tram and track cleaning, this is completed on one of our Thursday night workgroups

More info at summerleetg.co.uk/about.html

About Summerlee Museum

Summerlee opened on the 23rd March 1988 on the site of the Summerlee ironworks . the museum closed in 2006 and reopened in 2008 after a £10 million redevelopment
Summerlee Museums’ 22 Acres form one of Scotland's foremost industrial heritage visitor attractions. Graded 4-stars by the Visit Scotland and a registered museum it is situated around the site of the 19th Century Summerlee Ironworks and a restored section of a branch of the Monklands Canal.

Summerlee operates the only heritage electric tramway, offering rides on both modern and Edwardian open-topped trams.

And don't forget the mine tour! Summerlee has re-constructed a traditional 'Miners Row' which shows off the domestic conditions of the mining family from the 1840's to the 1980's. Just by the cottages is the Summerlee Coal Company pithead site, complete with recreated addit mine that shows off the cramped and damp conditions in which the miners worked.

Summerlee also has a separate exhibition gallery showing a programme of temporary exhibitions, tearoom and gift shop.

More info at culturenl.co.uk/summerlee and on summerleetg.co.uk/summerlee.html