Dusseldorf 392

This tram was built for Rheinische Bahn Gesellschaft AG (Dusseldorf) in 1951.

In 1972 she was moved to the engineering department and was renumbered to 5232 and was modified to add a 24v Supply to allow power tools to be used. she was repainted in orange because the tram was used at night so it could be seen.

The modifications were done by Karl-Heinz and the tram was referred to as the “Müller Tram”

With newer trams being supplied the lack of storage space meant that the tram was withdrawn from service The tram was sold to the Summerlee Transport Group for DM1 (33p), it cost about £4,500 to bring over and £3,500 to fit the wheelchair lift

The tram arrived in Summerlee in 1999 when she was repainted into the original colours and the wheelchair lift was fitted. The tram required separate Exemption Order to allow the tram to run at Summerlee “The Rail Vehicle Accessibility (Summerlee Tramcar No. 392) Exemption Order 2002”.

In 2004 the tram was vandalized at the same time as Brussels 9062. She was restored and entered passengers service in 2010

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392 at Summerlee 2015
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392 in passenger service
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392 at Summerlee
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392 at Summerlee still in work colours
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392 being pushed into the tram depot at Summerlee

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